Saturday, October 31, 2009

one year old!!!

well...over a year has passed since emerson was born...and i cant believe it! it went by so quickly and it was so amazing to watch her grow and change over the past year. this time last year she was a cute, teeny little baby blob. today she is a silly, excitable, walking little girl. its amazing. she says lots of words and is a snuggle bug. she loves her momma :) ...maybe a little too much. she is awfully attached but i dont mind most of the time. hehe.

anyway, she had her one year appointment. just to compare, here are her newborn stats:
length: 19.25 inches
weight: 6lbs 11oz
head:14 inches

now for her one year stats!
length: 29 inches (50th percentile)
weight: 19lbs (13th percentile)
head: 19 inches (97th percentile)

yep...she has a BIG noggin!! haha. takes after her dad and his big noggin!

her birthday party went great and almost everyone showed up. she loved her cupcake. she was a little weirded out at first but got into the swing of things eventually. after eating and opening her presents, we all went outside and the kids played in the leaves.

anyway, here are some pics, in reverse chronological order since i never remember that this blog posts things opposite....
on her actual birthday we got her ears pierced and got her some cold stone creamery ice cream!
playing in the leaves at her bday party
birthday cupcake face!
first bite of the cupcake...examining the situation
emerson's halloween and bday costume...a little devil, just like her auntie ashley!