Saturday, May 30, 2009

randomness and the infamous nerd bangs

nerd bangs after cutting them! i should have left them alone!

the bangs the day before...looking scraggely
looking cute in her bathing suit.
eating prunes
me with a sleepy emerson
i was told that i needed to update the blog...and so, here i am! lets see...what has gone on lately? well, in the biggest news of all, (not really emerson related), brad's long lost 6 year old son is coming to live with us for the summer. a little crazy and boy is life gonna be different (i might have to actually cook and stuff!) but i am really happy that brad is getting the opportunity to see his son again and bond with him.

emerson is doing well. she is getting better at sitting and not tipping over. she rolls everywhere and can change directions to get what she wants but has no desire to get up on all fours and make an attempt at crawlin....which is fine with me for now anyway. she says da-da and na-na all the time. so far no ma-ma :(
we got her this alligator xylophone the other day at target and its her new favorite toy. apparently we need to get more interactive toys instead of the boring handheld toys. i want to get her something so she can stand up holding onto something. my house is starting to become over run with toys! hehe

Saturday, May 16, 2009

video time

first she had her 6 month dr appt the other day. she is almost 7 months though. here are some stats:

weight: 16.6lbs (43rd percentile)

length: 25 inches...same as at her 4 month appt. (12th percentile)

head 17.3 (79th percentile)

thats right! she is a bobble head! hehe its amazing she can sit up and balance that noggin!

anyway, here are some cute videos from the past week.

emerson has a new face that she makes...she has anger issue..hehe.

this is emerson and i at her 2nd swim class. shes a natural! no attention to my cleavage.

this is a video of emerson sort of enjoying the swings/holding on for dear life. hehe

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

if the house is messy, its emersons fault!

yesterday the house needed what did i do? i vacuumed! and what did emerson do? go ahead and guess.

she screamed. like, "i'm about to get murdered by this giant machine" scream. up until now, she has been neutral to the vacuum cleaner, never really caring about it one way or another. however, she decided that she is now DEATHLY afraid of it, making housework that much more difficult. i mean, i am not really a domestic kind of person, so when i get the motivation to do stuff around the house, no one should stop me. so this is a bad thing. knowing that she is going to freak out is definitely a big deterrent to doing vacuuming.

so anyway, if you come to my house from here on in and my carpet is covered with a few inches of cat fur and ants trapped in the cat fur, dont blame it on me or think i am gross. its all emersons fault and i am just trying to be a good mom. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

my first mothers day

i know you all want pictures, but you arent getting any. not in this post anyway. i have been working on building a digital portfolio presentation and so i have been bringing my camera to school to take pictures of my students work...and forgot it there. so no pics in prolly the last week. bleh...

anyway, on to mothers day...which is almost over and i am totally going to bed as soon as i am done posting this. emerson didnt care that it was mothers day. dont get me wrong...she did get me a present. she got me a flash drive, so i can put all my stuff on the 4 that i have, onto one drive. she is very practical. and then brad got me peach rings, which i indulge in on rare occasion and love. but aside from the gift, emerson was a very miserable baby today. that kid better be teething or something to act the way she did today.

we went to ithaca today to get a great cloth diaper deal and to shop around. she cried part of the way down...and then passed out the rest of the ride. and then she was okay while there. she fussed and cried while we were trying to eat but not too too bad. then she screamed almost the entire way home. like, ear shattering, i'm being murdered, kind of crying. she was changed and fed...she was just pissed that she was stuck in the car. not fun. then we got home and she screamed more. she would not let me put her down to play, and there were a million things i needed to get done around the house. ughh...crazy baby. she even screamed forever after i put her into bed tonight, which she rarely does.

hopefully she will be better behaved tomorrow. brad was going nuts as well today and i have a dentist appt tomorrow, so i hope she is good during the day. and then we are having dinner at our friends house so hopefully she is good there.

anyway, all in all, it wasnt a bad first mothers day, but i think emerson could have been a little more chill and the day would have gone a lot nicer! hehe

okay...bedtime for me...

Friday, May 1, 2009

video killed the radio star

Here are a few cute videos in the past few days. apparently emerson has decided to say dada...although she has said mama before but neither of them really mean anything to her yet..except that she really likes to say dada.