Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bath time!

she loves her bathtime! crazy naked baby!

pic overload!!!

Really...can you ever get enough pictures of her? I can't! so i thought i would post more. This pic was taken today. the bib is from her auntie ashley....and emerson loves to wear it. it's a shout out to her rockin daddy!
in addition to loving her daddy, emerson is also madly in love with dante. so far, the love hasnt been returned. this is probably the closest dante has willingly sat next to emerson since she was born. but emerson was in love!! she couldnt stop staring at dante. and although she seems interested in the cats in general, she is more interested in dante. i think it really has to do with him being black and white, and therefore he stands out to her more, but she stares at him every chance she gets!

cute baby! although its not the greatest pic ever, i made brad take it because i loved her outfit so much that day. another outfit from auntie ashley (babylegs provided by me though!) i am beginning to become one with the color pink. well, for emerson anyway. so much of her stuff is pink that i have no choice but to love it. plus, with outfits like this, how can you possibly not dress her in pink??

but....brown is sooo cute too! this outfit was from kiley and although we had no where special to go, i got emerson all dressed up. she felt pretty cute.... she looks like a little doll.

i love this picture of her...even though she is looking away. the hat ties look like long pigtails! love it!

i love this picture too. she looks a little surprised but its sooo cute anyway!

not the greatest pic of emerson but i loved this outfit! auntie ashley bought the pants, and i bought the sweater. i love them both! she looks she is going to hang out in a library sitting on old man leather chairs.
umm....bubbles. lots of spit and bubbles....

first time in her crib! granted, she isnt sleeping in it yet, but i have managed to clear off most of the crap that was piled in there (mainly diapers, wipes, bottles and such) and was able to find some room to put her in it. i laid her next to winnie the pooh...who oddly enough is almost the same size! she enjoyed laying in the crib and kicking the side of it. i also turned on the star light overhead and she enjoyed looking at it. then i put on the beatles lullaby cd and we danced around the room while i sang her beatles songs. it was a good night :)

apparently emerson doesnt like getting her butt crack photographed. i was happy that she is starting to learn to express herself and gain a good understanding of sign language. she is so advanced. hehe.
thats all folks!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

roll over beethoven!

that's right....make room for emerson, cuz as of today, she is a rolling machine! hehe. i knew she was on the brink of rolling over and she did it this morning. she did it twice in a row, so i know it wasnt a fluke. then i called brad over and put her down again and she showed her daddy how good she is at it.

so emerson is officially rolling from belly to back. happy valentines day to me :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

who's the dirtiest family member???

after going a few days without a bath, i think emerson won the contest. i at least showered yesterday. she hasnt had a bath in a few days. granted she has gotten a little wipe down each day, but she was still a stinky little baby up until about a half hour ago. although it is winter, she gets super sweaty whenever we go out. i have a hard time not getting her bundled up because it is winter, but then when i take her back out of the carseat, her hair is all full of sweat and she has sweaty armpits. hehe.

but now after being the stinky baby...and the dirtiest one in the family, she is now officially the cleanest! and she smells great! i got some of this organic baby shampoo from one of the teachers i work with who is all into organic stuff and it smells like oranges. she smells super clean! and for the first time EVER, she didnt cry after her bath! i let her play a little longer in the tub, so maybe that was the difference...who knows!??

Saturday, February 7, 2009

screaming baby!

who would have thought that i would love the sound of a screaming child? somehow i do though...of course, its my own child and she isnt screaming out of anger or pain. apparently she just loves hearing herself scream. and although its probably a bad habit to encourage, i think its hilarious. this video was just a short moment of her screaming....she keeps it up for about 2 hours a day, sometimes more. its funny but i find that i often have more headaches than before. hehe.

anyway, aside from screaming and blowing rasberries lately, emerson is doing really good. she has decided to apparently never learn to roll over. she doesnt seem to care. she is pretty anti-being on her belly, so she doesnt get many chances to try to roll over. her legs are really strong and i think she will be walking soon. hehe. not really, but she does have very strong legs, considering how scrawny they are.

i cant wait for february vacation. not only will my mom and ashley be visiting (And i finally get to show ashley the MALL), but i cant wait to spend a week with emerson. i am having to ask brad what her schedule is now and i hate it. i hate not knowing her better because i am at work. so i really plan to enjoy getting to spend some quality time with her. she just keeps changing every day and i cant keep up with it!

Friday, February 6, 2009