Wednesday, January 28, 2009

whoa... pic overload!!

okay..i have been neglectful in my updating but here i am again....and i have lots of picures to share to make up for my neglect. hehe. anyway, before we get to the pictures, i'll give you the general update on emerson. of course, she is still the cutest baby in the world, and as impossible as it seems, she is getting cuter every day. she is like really good wine...she is getting better as she ages. in fact, this seems to apply to every aspect of her and not just her unbelievable good looks (have i mentioned that lots of people seem to think she looks just like me???? hehe). anyway, she is seeming to get better with her fussiness, but has a dr appt tomorrow and we will talk with the doc about switching meds, or taking her off the meds since they seem to do nothing for her "reflux" (She is on zantac). adding rice cereal to her formula seems to be helping actually (thanks kia!). so we are going to keep with that for now and eventually i do hope to make our own rice cereal. probably once she starts eating it seperately. i also plan to make our own baby food too. and maybe while i am at it, i might move to some hippie commune. haha. not likely (though i do love hippies and have a special spot in my heart for dreads!)....but i do plan to make the baby food.

anyway, aside from that stuff, she is getting better and better at reaching and grasping things. its amazing how useless human babies are when they are born...but its so amazing to be able to watch these milestones develop over time. she is also "talking" more and seems to enjoy holding conversations with us.

so here are pics of my cutie...

emerson sleeping...and sucking her thumb. and holding that hand in there for dear life!
sleeping peacefully....i thought it was funny how she had her hands in this one..she is sleeping like a vampire! also, check out her awesome bandana bib! its super cute!
cutie her new outfit courtesy of auntie ashley (and her baby clothes shopping addiction)

get that camera out of my face!!! hehe

rockin it in her bumbo seat. i love this outfit on her!

ROAR!!!! hehe. she makes funny faces sometimes...

hanging out with auntie kia and her soon to arrive cousin

word up holmes! emerson rockin it with her baby legs on. i love those things!

umm.....this looks like baby porn. we better keep an eye on this kid! she is a natural at posing naked! hehe

Monday, January 12, 2009

look what i can do!!

aside from being able to grab my hair and pull it, emerson has now learned to reach and grab other things... so i just wanted to post a quick pic of emerson grabbing at her little star toy that nannie and grampy got her for xmas. she loves it!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

snow baby... this picture has nothing to do with snowbabies at all. but i wanted to include it anyway since its a picture of emerson taken today....and i love her little shirt. it is technically not the right size for fits more like a dress, but i dont care. i love the colors and i think she looks pretty hip in it, so i put it on her anyway. :) anyway, aside from her looking cute and having a cute shirt on, here she is playing in her little floormat gym. she likes to be in there and will lift her feet up to kick the toys that are hanging. she also will roll herself onto her side from her back. no rolling over completely though.

on with the snowbaby!!! here is emerson in her little hanna anderson snowsuit. its still huge on her but i decided that i wanted her to wear it and put it on her. i dont think she particularly enjoyed being put in the snowsuit, but i definitely enjoyed taking the pictures!

here she is outside!!! all that white stuff behind her guessed it, SNOW! hehe. we certainly aren't lacking it here in syracuse. in fact, we have had 92 inches of snow so far this year. and so far, emerson seems to enjoy it. i asked brad if i could bring her snowboarding this year, but he said she is still too young. party pooper! hehe.

the many ways to wear a baby...

emerson loves to be worn...and i love to wear her. as far as i am concerned, she is probably the best accessory that i have ever had. she compliments any outfit that i have! i mean really, can you think of any bracelet or necklace that will get you more attention than carrying around the cutest baby in the world? i can't. and she definitely draws attention. anywhere we go, there are always people telling us how cute she if we don't know! hehehe.

anyway, here is me and emerson (at ashley's work) around thanksgiving. emerson would be the fuzzy hat and shoes. i swear there is a body in there somewhere! hehe.

and here is me wearing emerson the other night. my friend kerry (and her fiance) got us this backpack at our shower and although we havent had a chance to use it outside yet, we are soooo excited we have it and i just couldnt wait until it gets warm to try it out. so i plopped emerson in it and walked around the house. she loved it...and was promptly passed out about a minute and a half later!
hopefully, i can get other types of baby wearing things, since we love it so much. i am trying to get a used baby bjorn, but i really want a mei tei carrier. the only reason i am interested in the baby bjorn is because i think brad might be willing to wear emerson if we have something like that (he isnt really into wearing the ring sling in public). i'm sure he will wear her in the backpack but thats a little much if you are just heading to the mall. once it gets nice out, i dont want to really use the stroller at all and i want to just wear her everywhere. i sure do know how to accessorize!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

hammock baby!

just wanted to show off emerson in her hammock to those of you who havent seen it yet...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

the days that follow...

emerson has been sleeping well in her room by herself. actually, she has been sleeping even better. she sleeps from about 10pm until 8-10am straight through! any mothers dream.... i think it helps that we arent in the room making noise (our bed squeaks every time we change our position).

so she is sleeping well and all that jazz. i am doing better with her being by herself. well, actually with ME being by MYSELF. i still miss her in my room but this is better for her.

developmentally, she is doing great. she can hold her head iup 90 degrees when she does tummy time, and she can stand and hold weight on her legs with only using us for balance. she is starting to pay attention to toys but doesnt reach for them yet.

she has an appt this thursday so i will update with her weight and height and all the other good stuff. i will also update with some pics then too.... i'm going to keep you in suspense until then. heh. actually, i am just too lazy to do it right now. heh.