Friday, February 13, 2009

who's the dirtiest family member???

after going a few days without a bath, i think emerson won the contest. i at least showered yesterday. she hasnt had a bath in a few days. granted she has gotten a little wipe down each day, but she was still a stinky little baby up until about a half hour ago. although it is winter, she gets super sweaty whenever we go out. i have a hard time not getting her bundled up because it is winter, but then when i take her back out of the carseat, her hair is all full of sweat and she has sweaty armpits. hehe.

but now after being the stinky baby...and the dirtiest one in the family, she is now officially the cleanest! and she smells great! i got some of this organic baby shampoo from one of the teachers i work with who is all into organic stuff and it smells like oranges. she smells super clean! and for the first time EVER, she didnt cry after her bath! i let her play a little longer in the tub, so maybe that was the difference...who knows!??

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