Saturday, May 30, 2009

randomness and the infamous nerd bangs

nerd bangs after cutting them! i should have left them alone!

the bangs the day before...looking scraggely
looking cute in her bathing suit.
eating prunes
me with a sleepy emerson
i was told that i needed to update the blog...and so, here i am! lets see...what has gone on lately? well, in the biggest news of all, (not really emerson related), brad's long lost 6 year old son is coming to live with us for the summer. a little crazy and boy is life gonna be different (i might have to actually cook and stuff!) but i am really happy that brad is getting the opportunity to see his son again and bond with him.

emerson is doing well. she is getting better at sitting and not tipping over. she rolls everywhere and can change directions to get what she wants but has no desire to get up on all fours and make an attempt at crawlin....which is fine with me for now anyway. she says da-da and na-na all the time. so far no ma-ma :(
we got her this alligator xylophone the other day at target and its her new favorite toy. apparently we need to get more interactive toys instead of the boring handheld toys. i want to get her something so she can stand up holding onto something. my house is starting to become over run with toys! hehe


  1. I got that toy too!!! Ari loved it at the chiro office!
    I am going to buy him drums too!
    Toys everywhere!

  2. Kristen!
    She looks so big and super cute as usual! I miss you guys a ton! Are you planning on coming down in July or August? And how is that job hunt going?