Friday, July 10, 2009

catching up..

its been a while. i know. well, here is the skinny on what has been going on lately. i haven't actually read my own blog in a while so if i repeat myself, deal with it. hehe. okay, to update on the height issue with emerson...she grew 1.5 inches, so i guess we are all good. she was just holding out on us!

we just got back from a weeklong visit in gloucester. the next post has lots of pics. while i was home, i let emerson break the news that brad and i are expecting again. emerson had a cute shirt she was wearing when they came said on the front "guess what a little birdie told me" and on the back it said "i'm going to be a big sister!" it took my family a long time to catch on, and ashley finally had to help tip them off. it was pretty funny.

but anyway, the visit went well. better than expected. obviously there was some apprehension with how the family would deal with my news, and also with having a 6 year old constantly around. although they could have been a little quicker to pick up on my news, they dealt really well with brads son, which was great. also, for most of the trip, bradley had really good behavior.

of course, that all went out the window today once we were home. haha. today we dealt with him wanting to watch tv all day (it was beautiful outside!) and asking numerous times if he can play video games. we also dealt with tantrums at target and the grocery store (most 6 year olds dont like running errands, but hey..they have to deal with it or we will never have food or household supplies!) we did go to the park today. it was hilarious. bradley was afraid to climb any of the climbing parts of the playground. there was a pirate ship that he had fun in, and he went down the slide a few times. i convinced him to come swing with me and emerson and it turns out he doesnt know how to swing. i tried teaching him but he didnt quite get that you had to lean your body back to go up. he would just look up to the sky. he was too afraid to lean back. brad came over and gave him a good push....which resulted in bradley crying and screaming because i guess he is too afraid to actually swing. its funny because it is totally the opposite of how brad and i were as kids. we are trying so hard to let him have fun and try to expose him to new things, but are shocked time and time again by the results. i hope that some of it soaks in and he can appreciate that we arent just trying to be "mean" by not letting him play video games and watch tv all day. i hope that he will see that we were trying to help him by making him be more active and also hopefully help him to fit in better with other kids once he goes home so they dont make fun of him as much. my mother had a good idea to write in a book..i think that brad is going to make a scrapbook of pictures and short stories of this summer so bradley can take it home with him. that way he can remember what he did this summer and also remember fun times with his dad and sister.

anyway, on to emerson. she is doing the army crawl and is probably days from crawling. i need a baby proofing fairy to come to my house. i also need a magical fairy to make me a basement to put all the extra crap in my house. she is starting to pull up on things and is super funny. she blows kisses but doesnt get the right motion, so she sucks in her lip instead. it makes the same noise but looks hilarious.

anyway, this post and the following picture post has taken me about 2 hours. i am done. heh. happy robin?? haha

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  1. AHHHH!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Im so happy for you!!! How far along are you??

    I have to send you the outfits for emerson before summer is over, im sad we didnt make it up to see her but it was so nice to see you out!