Saturday, September 5, 2009

at the state fair.. and a video or two

so we went to the state fair on wednesday with our friends. it was a good, but long day! here are some pics from the day and a few videos at the end so you can see how big and grown up emerson is getting. hehe. i miss her being a baby blob!
she actually found a 4 leaf clover! but she ripped it apart before i could grab it and save it!
i get sooo many compliments on this dress. thanks auntie ashley!

at her first african drum circle... she loves to drum!

check it out! i have 2 teefers!
funny face...


  1. Little Emmy has some serious rythm!!! She must have gotten it from her mother lol. Posts tons of videos so I can watch them!! She is so unbelievably cute!!!

  2. wow! kristen she is so BIG!!!! I can't believe it! I love her dancing skills already! I can't believe she is going to be 1, thats nuts!

    How are you doing otherwise?? Have you and Brad finally settled on a name???