Sunday, January 11, 2009

the many ways to wear a baby...

emerson loves to be worn...and i love to wear her. as far as i am concerned, she is probably the best accessory that i have ever had. she compliments any outfit that i have! i mean really, can you think of any bracelet or necklace that will get you more attention than carrying around the cutest baby in the world? i can't. and she definitely draws attention. anywhere we go, there are always people telling us how cute she if we don't know! hehehe.

anyway, here is me and emerson (at ashley's work) around thanksgiving. emerson would be the fuzzy hat and shoes. i swear there is a body in there somewhere! hehe.

and here is me wearing emerson the other night. my friend kerry (and her fiance) got us this backpack at our shower and although we havent had a chance to use it outside yet, we are soooo excited we have it and i just couldnt wait until it gets warm to try it out. so i plopped emerson in it and walked around the house. she loved it...and was promptly passed out about a minute and a half later!
hopefully, i can get other types of baby wearing things, since we love it so much. i am trying to get a used baby bjorn, but i really want a mei tei carrier. the only reason i am interested in the baby bjorn is because i think brad might be willing to wear emerson if we have something like that (he isnt really into wearing the ring sling in public). i'm sure he will wear her in the backpack but thats a little much if you are just heading to the mall. once it gets nice out, i dont want to really use the stroller at all and i want to just wear her everywhere. i sure do know how to accessorize!!

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