Sunday, January 11, 2009

snow baby... this picture has nothing to do with snowbabies at all. but i wanted to include it anyway since its a picture of emerson taken today....and i love her little shirt. it is technically not the right size for fits more like a dress, but i dont care. i love the colors and i think she looks pretty hip in it, so i put it on her anyway. :) anyway, aside from her looking cute and having a cute shirt on, here she is playing in her little floormat gym. she likes to be in there and will lift her feet up to kick the toys that are hanging. she also will roll herself onto her side from her back. no rolling over completely though.

on with the snowbaby!!! here is emerson in her little hanna anderson snowsuit. its still huge on her but i decided that i wanted her to wear it and put it on her. i dont think she particularly enjoyed being put in the snowsuit, but i definitely enjoyed taking the pictures!

here she is outside!!! all that white stuff behind her guessed it, SNOW! hehe. we certainly aren't lacking it here in syracuse. in fact, we have had 92 inches of snow so far this year. and so far, emerson seems to enjoy it. i asked brad if i could bring her snowboarding this year, but he said she is still too young. party pooper! hehe.

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