Saturday, March 7, 2009

rolling over and the discovery of other blogs...

emerson is still protesting rolling over. she is very close to rolling from back to front also. when she does this, i wonder if that will encourage her to roll the other way. she is also beginning to realize that she has feet. she has grabbed onto them quickly a few times, but has yet to get a good hold and try to put them in her mouth. personally, if i were her, i wouldnt have much of a desire to get my feet into my mouth, so maybe it isnt so much that she hasnt reached that particular milestone yet...maybe its more that she just doesnt have a desire to suck on her feet.......which honestly, i think is okay. hehe

anyway, i was searching for other mommy blogs a few weeks ago and found a blog written by a daddy. i started reading the blog and i was soooo hooked and found myself reading it for hours....and crying. you should check it out. it actually recently has gotten to be well known through usa today or something like that. its
just to prepare you in case you want to check it out, it was written by matt as a journal to keep his family posted on his wife's pregnancy. she had a rough last few weeks and their daughter was born early via a c-section. madeline, the baby, had to go to the nicu after mom and dad got to see her for a few minutes. then the next day when the wife was getting into a wheelchair to go to the nicu to hold her daughter for the first time, she suddenly died due to a blood clot. the rest of the blog is matt grieving over the loss of his wife and discovering how to be a good dad to his brand new baby girl. it is very uplifting to read but obviously has a good amount of sadness in it. i strongly suggest you read it. he also created a non profit organization in his wife's name for people in similar situations, and i would really suggest donating if you can. its a good cause....and a sad story....

anyway, little miss emerson wants to eat so i gotta run!

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