Sunday, March 15, 2009

a titillating good time

it's official! emerson loves boobies! especially when they are shaking in her face.....and even more so if they have sparkly sequins or other adornments on them....

what does this all mean? well, it means that emerson went to her first bellydancing event last night....and she LOVED it. she was "dancing" with the bellydancers and when people were cheering on the dancers, emerson screamed right along with them. in fact, she was so excited by some fantastic dance moves, that she even screamed during the performances a few times. the dancers loved her and came over to do a little shake for her and emerson did a little shoulder shimmy or hip shake right back at them. she was cracking up laughing and was a perfect baby all night...well, except when i changed her diaper during intermission. then she threw a very high pitched screaming fit. but once the dancers came back on, she was happy as a clam again!

next time i might have to get her her own hip scarf so she can do a little performance too!

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