Thursday, March 12, 2009

you convinced me...

to keep blogging... although a lot of you claim not to comment because you forgot your sign in names and passwords...but you dont actually need those to post! get savvy people! :)

anyway, because of your commitment to readin, i figure you will be rewarded with more pictures and updates. firstly, emerson is now 13lbs 10oz and 25 inches long. she is in the 60th percentile for her length and head size (she has a large dome!) but is in the 30th percentile for her weight. damn kid! how come she got the skinny gene?!?! not that i want her to be fat, but seriously, how did i miss out on that one? mother nature is laughing at me....she gave my mom and my sister the skinny gene, then skipped over me and went straight to my daughter. so i am cursed to have one of those skinny daughters who is absolutely gorgeous.

although... that isnt a bad thing unless she turns out to be a prissy little princess brat. which, if anyone has been around her lately, is not a stretch from her current behavior! this kid is seriously one of the most sensitive babies i have known! i am convinced that she doesnt cry because of reflux or whatnot....its because she has a HOT temper! if you look at her the wrong way or lay her down for ONE second when she doesnt want to lay down, or do anything that is displeasing to her, she will immediately cry. and just as fast as she turns it on, she can turn it off and be smiling in 2 seconds! i swear she is bipolar! i even asked her doctor if thats even possible right now. hehe. she said that emerson is a little too young to start on bipolar medication, but she did mention that there must be a reason why brad and i were chosen to have a very difficult baby. she observed a few of emersons bipolar moments....hehe.

anyway, lately little miss emerson has discovered how to fake cough. i think she likes the sound. so now she fake coughs, and fake cries, and also screams for fun. what a whacko! hehe. she also will shove her fingers so far in her mouth that she gags herself. i already had to have a talk with her about eating disorders and how bulemia is bad for she is already so skinny already! i'm not sure she understood but they say that its never to early to have these conversations....

quick update on the rolling status..... she rolled once today. the protest is beginning to lift! i did try to get her to roll earlier today however, she kept practicing her swimming moves instead. it was kind of funny.

well, i am off to bed so here are some recent pics of my nutty kid... :)

here she is giving me dirty looks while she twirls her binky around on her thumb, waiting for me to take her out of her carseat. see that look?
if ever there was a baby that was a movie star....

posing for the paparazzi...

me and emmie the other morning. dont look at me. it was 530am (emersons idea of morning time) and i was exhausted. see how she is trying to choke me? this is one crazy baby! hehe

until next time.....

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  1. Hi Kristen,
    She is getting so big and so cute! I laughed when I saw the look that she was giving in the first picture and I love the last picture!

    What is she almost 6 months now? I can't wait to see her again the little handful!