Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2 blogs in one day!

this is really a blog about me...but it does have to do with emerson too. actually one thing i wanted to blog about is all her fault. the other thing...well, it's my fault but it involves cute pictures of her.

if you are a little lost, i will explain. my pants dont fit anymore. none of them. and it's all her fault. i am actually 2 pounds below my pre pregnancy weight but somehow the pounds have redistributed themselves....and thus, none of my pants fit! my maternity pants are too big...they keep sliding down. and my pre pregnancy pants are way too tight. some i can button, and others are a lost cause. i have one pair of jeans that fit (and if you live near me, yes...they are the jeans i am wearing EVERY day since they are the only pants that fit). i go back to work on the 15th and i think i might have to go to work bottomless. that's pants! i cant really wear my jeans to work...especially not every single day. and if i wear my maternity pants, i will end up showing quite a bit of crack to my students. granted, it would be pretty fair since i see their cracks often due to the low rise of pants these days! but, in the grand scheme of things, i would prefer to keep my crack to myself. i'm a private person like that. so....maternity pants are out.

i could wear the pre preggo pants that will button....and then i will have the most fabulous muffin top ever! gotta love muffin top. now that will definitely project me straight into loser mommy status. forget ever being the cool teacher again. cool teachers dont have muffin top.

so we are back to the jeans....which i cant wear to work. either that or go to work sans pants. and its all emerson's fault. ...and when i get fired for going to work with no pants on, i'll blame that on her too!

so the second thing...this is totally my fault. i lost my sd memory card for my digital camera. yep..i suck. and it had super cute pictures on it that i havent downloaded or printed yet. once again, i suck. i put it in my wallet to go to print out pics today, and then it magically disappeared. i can't find it anywhere. and i lost it before i even left the house. i think my wallet actually has a black hole in it or something. you would have loved the pics. damn. i would have loved the pics! i think i have looked everywhere. i will post the pics though if the black hole in my wallet ever spits the memory card back out.


  1. even if your pants don't fit you look very good for just having a baby...

  2. thanks...that's actually really good since i will be going to work pantless in about a week :) hehe