Saturday, December 20, 2008

back with my baby!

after a grueling week back at work, i am sooo happy to be home again with emerson! being out of work for 8 weeks was rough...i didnt think i could be a stay at home mom. but having a full time job and being a new mom is ten thousand times harder. that was probably the most exhausting week of my life! i am happy to have 2 weeks off to spend with emerson again. i feel like i missed out on so much by not being with her during the day and when i got home at night i was just so tired i feel like i didnt give her as much attention as i should have. but now we have 2 weeks to re-bond :) i know she had a great time with her dad though because she loves playing with him. they run from zombies and fight the zombies, and she is a big fan of doing the soulja boy dance too. she is pretty good at it. she also knows the time warp dance and can often be seen doing the "butt" dance. she's very active. hehe. i will post a video of her dancing once i figure out how to post my videos. its hilarious.

anyway, here are some new pics of my little muffin. she just keeps getting cuter! hehe.

look nannie...i'm wearing all BROWN! (and i like dressing like my mommy in brown and green..hehe)
emerson is so excited she might just be doing the soulja boy dance...

looking cute in her new hat that nannie got her.

bathtime baby...

getting her hair washed...she loves being pampered. hehe

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