Wednesday, December 3, 2008

one step forward...two steps back

i lied in my blog yesterday. i didn't go to sleep early. well, i went to sleep earlier than before, but only by a half hour. but i had so many things to do! and it was much easier to get them done while little miss emerson was sleeping....

speaking of her much for 11pm bedtime. i tried it again last night with no success. she wasn't having it. but i kept at it and only took her out once to change her diaper (man, that kid can pee!) and eventually she fell asleep at around 12:30am. so much for progress. but we are going to keep at it. she did sleep until 6:30am, so at least that was a nice 6 hour stretch...but since i didn't go to bed until 2:30am, it wasn't as great for me. but i got stuff done at least. and then as usual, she nursed and went right back to bed. once she is in bed it works out pretty well.

i also had set my alarm to wake up at 9am. gotta start getting used to getting up earlier and also getting her on a good schedule to not sleep the day away. much for that too. i sayed in bed until almost 11am. she was even awake before me but she was cooing and being good so i stayed put.

anyway, today we are getting out of the house. we are going to the mall...again. yeah, i have no life. someone remind me...the next time i unexpectedly get pregnant to plan to have the baby in warmer months! hehe

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