Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas, baby...

Well...we had emerson's first christmas. it was pretty uneventful...meaning, she didnt get all that excited for her presents. what a stinker. hehe. actually we knew she obviously wouldnt know what was going on so we didnt really get her much. nannie and grampy got her some books and some toys...and actually one is this little star toy that she likes to stare at a lot. we got her a bumbo seat with a tray, which she loves sitting in. i think she just really enjoys sitting up on her "own". my independent little munchkin :) and we got her some small toys and a book. i opened the gifts for her, while "dominic the italian christmas donkey" played in the background. she wasnt too interested but i showed each gift to her anyway. then in the afternoon she became the super fussy baby. eh...there are good day and there are bad days, and i guess christmas she just wasnt feeling a good day. heh. it made it difficult to cook dinner and clean the house for people coming over but i guess that is the essence of having a baby, right? i forgive her though, because with a face like this, how can you not???
and here she is trying to duke it out with santa!

and these are just some extra pics taken in the last few days. she is just so darn cute!


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