Monday, April 20, 2009

6 months and video-licious fun.. emerson is exactly 6 months old. where has the time gone? never in my life has 6 months gone by so quickly. usually i want time to go quicker, but since having her, i want to keep her little as long as possible and lo and behold, time is flying by (that damn time warp again!).

anyway, i considered having a little party for her, but figured that would be lame with just brad and i, and who would eat cake? i mean, i would love to eat cake, but its come time to face the fact that i really dont need to be stuffing my face with junk food. actually, i never needed to do that, but since having a baby, i want to lose weight even more. anyway, enough about me and back to the half birthday party i wanted to have but didnt happen. we went to the mall and i considered buying her a little toy, but brad told me she has enough toys and it wasnt necessary. party and no toys. thats okay...i guess its kinda lame to celebrate half birthdays anyway. are some videos taken recently...

this one is of emerson learning karate...hehe

this was taken last night...emerson is a rolling machine! i had been trying to get a video of her rolling since feb 14th, and this is the first time i caught it...and she wouldnt stop! great video.

this is from tonight. i was changing emerson and she was blowing some serious rasberries. she gets kind of gross about it and gets rabid looking spit all over her face. she likes it though and she is pretty cute...even if she is rabid. :)

hope you enjoyed the videos!


  1. awww you finally got her rolling! I got Fletcher yesterday! I was pretty stoked :)

  2. i looooove the videos and her voice is so cute! She's all you, more and more every day!