Saturday, April 18, 2009

jack black and sitting pretty...

first off...i discovered today that emerson is insanely afraid of jack black! it is too funny! we were at my friends house today and she put on yo gabba gabba for her 8 month old. it was an episode she had dvr'ed and emerson had never seen yo gabba gabba before.

she watched the bright colors and danced around to the song, and then suddenly started screaming such a high pitched scream with instant tears. she was deadly afraid. we couldnt figure out why, and i had turned her away from the tv and shhhed her until she was calm. i then turned her back to the tv and then she started the instant tears and high pitched screaming like you were murdering her. we laughed thinking that it was because of jack black. every time he was on the tv, she screamed and cried! so we shut it off and she put on spongebob.

just to double check the theory, about an hour later we decided to put the show back on and emerson was fine for a while because it was little kids dancing and singing (And some weird furry puppet things on the show) and then it was a close up of jack black again and she screamed bloody murder again! hahahaa!!! its way too funny that she is insanely afraid of jack black! i wonder if i can get in touch with jack black and tell him to please not appear in any more childrens shows because he is too scary! haha.

anyway, this vacation i have been working with emerson to try to get her to sit. basically, i am trying to give her more opportunities to try out sitting. here she is a few days ago trying to sit. she was way leaned over and toppled about 2 seconds after these pics were taken!

emerson and ari today. its cute that they were in the same pose!
emerson sitting today...notice she is sitting a lot taller and can balance a lot more. she still toppled over about 2 seconds after the pic was taken, but i could tell she was trying to stay sitting, rather than just tipping over...
another sitting pic! all on her own!! oh and check out the cute bandana bib my friend kim made! it is super cute and matches her outfit perfectly!
here is a pic of emerson watching ari bounce in his jumper. it was funny because he was watching her watching him and kind of putting on a show. he loved emerson, but she was scared of him...he was crawling all over her and kissing her and she thought he was moving a little too fast (she is very conservative), so she was scared and crying... hehe.


  1. is that the outfit I bought her in the first picture?? I love it on her She looks sooooooo cute in it, green is a good color on her!

  2. Kristen! That first picture of Emerson is adorable! I am happy to hear that she is starting to sit up. I can't believe the Jack Black story thats just too funny. I am glad you changed your comment settings this is way less confusing!

  3. glad the commenting is easier! :)

    nikki, yeah, that's the outfit you bought! i love it. the camo pants are too cute. they are still big on her...she has to wear a cloth diaper to hold them up, but we are mostly cloth diapering now, so it works out..

  4. Hahaa,
    Yeah, sorry. Ari comes on a little strong sometimes...he cant help it Emerson is too cute :)