Thursday, April 16, 2009

pictures, pictures and more pictures...

ready to duke it out if you even TRY to take her bottle!

looking cute in the exersaucer at nannie and grampys house...

my friend kiley's son, sean, trying to put the moves on emerson. she is cute but its WAY to early for this! good thing brad wasnt there!! hehe

my little buddha belly baby.

wearing a cute hat. she is really good about wearing hats and bows...she doesn't even try to rip them out or take them off!

well, hope you enjoyed some recent pics. i have a few more of emerson trying to sit up/sitting up for a few seconds, but i havent downloaded them yet...
i should have taken a picture of the MOUND of clothes that i folded tonight. the loveseat was covered in baby clothes. and then i finally put them all away. i also sorted through the next size up. i did all this hastily because little miss emerson was soo tired and needed to go to bed early.
anyway, we are headed to ithaca tomorrow to pick up some cloth diapers and hang out. i cant believe april break is almost over. i am sad. but soon it will be summer and if i dont find a new job, it will be vacation every day! heh.


  1. Nannie needs a pictur of Emerson in her hat. I like the new look and layout of my favorite girls blog!!!

  2. oops left the E off of picture!!!!!!!!