Saturday, April 4, 2009

i'm addicted...

to starbuck's, that is. ever since having emerson, i have discovered that i am addicted to starbucks. there are a few things there that i am in love with. first, the peppermint mocha twist. its chocolate and coffee and peppermint...could anything be better? actually, there is a close second to that. its the java chip frappuccino....translation: coffee slush with crushed up chocolate pieces in it. and something about the coffee at starbucks is more energizing than dunkin donuts. so after years of hating starbucks, i am now a fan....but i really want to hate them. i am still loyal to dunkin donuts and their tea and coffee coolattas, but really, i'd rather have a java chip frappuccino. unfortunately, the price of starbucks forces me to be an occasional customer and not a regular one. but all the times i am not there, i am thinking about the next time i can go and treat myself to one of these wonderful drinks!

of course, i have been so super busy lately that i think that might be the cause for my severe caffine addiction, but i have been enjoying being busy. i wish i had more time with emerson though, but will make up for it soon on april break and over the summer....which is fast approaching. in the meantime, the (clean) laundry can continue to pile up and the disaster i made of her room trying to sort out clothes in the next size up (where am i going to PUT all of that???) can wait until the next rainy day that i am motivated to clean.....there is too much to do in the meantime! (like type on here while emerson takes a little nap! hehe)


  1. what size is she in now?

  2. those are my favorite starbucks drinks too, one of my parents gave me a gift card for Xmas so i got to enjoy them for a little while but stay faithful to dunks too because of the price!

    are you saying Emerson doesnt need anymore clothes?? what about shoes? lol

  3. nikki...i hardly have her wear shoes. i only have about 2 pairs anyway and they tend to fall of so i just save myself the trouble.

    joline, she wears size 3-6 months clothes but is bordering being able to wear some 6-9. she is skinny so she has trouble fitting in the pants/skirts but wearing a cloth diaper helps.

  4. its been 10 days since your last entry im waiiiting!!