Wednesday, April 15, 2009

time to eat!

with emerson approaching the 6 month mark in a few days (where did the time go??), i decided it was finally time to begin eating solids. really i don't want to ever start solids...formula is so much easier. however, the formula she is on is super expensive so i am looking to save a few bucks.

anyway, i have known that i wanted to make my own baby food, so tonight i went shopping and bought some sweet potatoes. i have been researching over time and decided that i wanted to start with veggies and sweet potatoes are a great first food and usually well received. i got them home, steamed them and pureed them in the baby food mixer. i put them in ice cube trays and am currently freezing them up for emerson to eat tomorrow. we will see how that goes...

so...i had bought 2 sweet potatoes at 99 cents a pound. i spent about $2 on them. it made a tray and a half of sweet potatoes, so this should be a great money saver. we will see how many little cubes she eats in one sitting eventually and i will be able to calculate my savings a little better. overall, it was easy to make (And those who know me know that i am no good at cooking, and to top that off, i HATE cooking)...but this was easy to make, except chopping sweet potatoes sucks because they are so hard.

i know i havent posted pics in a while and honestly i have been slacking on the picture taking. i should get out my dslr and take pics, but i have been lazy with the point and shoot, so i just need to get on the ball.... she is growing so quickly and we need to work on baby proofing the house...which i am not looking forward to. my house is not condusive to crawling babies. can i just hire someone to come in and make it that way??

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