Monday, April 20, 2009

disaster in the kitchen

and when i say disaster, i am talking about myself. whenever the cooking gene was handed out, i must have been absent that day. god i suck at cooking. and the thing is...i know this! i have known this for a long time. its not so much that i cant actually make something that tastes good. my problem with cooking is that:

1. i hate it
2. i cant stand needing more than 3 ingredients in something
3. i hate it
4. i dont have the attention span to stand there and stir something or wait for something to cook
5. i walk away and time goes into a time warp, and the next thing i know, all hell has broken loose and whatever i was cooking is now a burnt black mass....

numbers 1, 3, 4 and 5 were all the case the other night when i decided it was time to make more baby food for emerson. this time i planned to make squash and green beans. i steamed the squash and pureed it and all was good. then came the green beans. i chopped off their ends and gave them a rinse and began steaming them... (here is where all hell breaks loose...)

so while they were steaming, i decided to run over to the computer and check out to double check on whether i was doing this right since i had never cooked green veggies before (i know i should have done this BEFORE i started cooking them). anyway, i saw on the site that you arent supposed to cut the ends and you arent supposed to wash that lead me to a search online of why not?? which of course caused time to go into time warp mode and the next thing i know, i smell something burning.

well, i get out to the kitchen and the pan was burnt to a crisp. i had let all the water burn out of the pan. i tasted a green bean, and sure enough, it tasted burnt. luckily brad ate them so they werent a waste but still. i was so mad at myself. i know that i suck at cooking so i dont know what the heck was going through my mind when i thought i could make my own baby food.

anyway, i am still going to try. you dont fail until you give up, right? so, i had 2 successful times and one really bad time. the pan is totally ruined, which i am pissed about because it was one of my nice pans but i am going to keep making baby food. it doesnt take long and it saves a bunch of money. plus its fresh. no preservatives. only now, i think i will boil stuff instead of steam...there is way more water involed, so less of a chance of me burning the hell out of all my pans. heh. wish me luck.....

p.s. emerson LOVED the squash.


  1. they say that the cooking genes skip a generation...Nana being the great cook that she is, I can understand now that the cooking gene skipped Mom, but what's your excuse??? Keep trying and maybe that gene will surface.
    Love the new page. Dad

  2. Hi Kristen,
    That cooking gene definately skipped me. I almost feel bad when some of my friends talk about how much they love to cook because truth be told, I hate it too!! Luckily Hayley has become a great cook, (loves the Food Network Shows) and helps me out a lot. Maybe Emerson might have the gene and can help you out a little later.
    Love Ya,
    Aunt Mimi

  3. Kristen, the cooking gene missed me as well- ask Corina! I just burned frozen garlic bread while reading your blog and watching the adorable videos!! Can I share these on my facebook...introduce Emerson Charlotte to my friends? Love it all, kung foo...rolling...and sweet raspberries! Love Aunt Sheila

  4. Kristen!
    I am so sorry to hear this! I had no idea that this crazziness was goin on! I can help if you need it....!!!

    If you sure to use the water you boiled the veggies in to puree it. All the good stuff is in it! Good luck!!