Friday, April 17, 2009

new look...

i decided to get all tech savvy and play with the layout and format of my blog. i decided to make it more "me". notice that there are greens and oranges and browns. yeah, thats all me. hehe. i couldnt change the background color, so i am stuck with gray, but i am okay with that. i also played around with the comments and such to make it easier to both leave and read comments. leave me some comments and let me know if it is working better...

anyway, today was a gorgeous day! my friend kim and i went to ithaca with her son fletcher (aka emerson's one true love) and emerson. it was a good time...we each got some fancy schmancy cloth diapers (bum genius one size all in ones). i am excited to try them on emerson. we also went to get some yummy food, and the babies actually behaved...for babies anyway. they weren't perfect but they were pretty darn good. after doing a little browsing, i found a book that i couldn't resist...its called "tickle monster" and its super cute! it reminded me of when my brother, sister and i would play tickle monster with our dad. it was always fun so i had to buy the book...and i'm sure once emerson is walking, there will be many games of tickle monster happening!

we also went to one of the waterfall parks and hung out with the babies on their blankets and showed them their first waterfalls. overall, a great way to spend a day....and to top it off, parking in the parking garage was only $4 for 5 hours!!!! i love ithaca!


  1. pretty awesome change Kristen...your stories are great too...of course I could be a little biased, eh? Love, Dad

  2. Hi Kristen,
    Love the new blog. You have great ideas love the picture of your hand with hers. Tremendous ideas, I wish I had thought of that when my girls were way little.
    Love ya, Aunt Mimi
    Give the princess a kiss from me. Miss you guys!!!